Accidentally Deleted Pictures off a Flash Drive

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Pictures from Flash Drive?

Flash drive is a storage device like hard disk but due to small in size it is moveable and is capable of storing information within it. It is generally used for carrying data from one place to other in a very convenient way. It is useful in day to day life to carry data related to your assignment, project or any presentation related to office. However, during the modification of data there is high risk of data security as you may sometimes delete useful data from it, while attempting to delete useless data.

Accidental deletion is a common human error that generally happens, while deleting data from USB Drive. If you commit such a mistake and lose your very critical data accidently, then, need not to worry about it. There is recovery software available with a numbers of wonderful features which can recover data erased due to accidentally deletion of flash drive, no matters how they are wiped.

Whether you have accidentally deleted Photos stored on your flash drive, data are wiped from drive and you must be cursing on your mistake that has caused your valuable data rubbed including pictures and other important information. You should stop cursing on yourself as data erased during this can be recovered. Yes!!! You read it correctly; chances are pretty good that you can recover those valuable and important data backing by means of data recovery software.

The other common scenario that causes data deletion from flash drive is as when you want to rename file from your flash drive by mistake or in hurry you clicked “Delete” button instead of “Rename” then it will erase pictures from your flash card. Apart from this “Shift+Del “command delete data permanently as files or folders deleted using this command bypass recycle bin resulting permanent data deletion. If you are using your flash drive to a computer which has anti-virus installed on, it will scan your drive and if any virus or malicious affected file like image format is there in your drive it will erase those folders. Folder deleted from anti-virus might have important pictures of your red letter moment.

As soon as you come to know about unpleasant facts that some of your lovely snapshots have been wiped, you should stop using your flash drive for storing further photographs on your card. With the help of data recovery tool that is available online, you can get all your data back in just a fraction of seconds following few simple steps on this genuine tool which is designed with a special and powerful algorithm to scan and retrieve snaps from deleted flash drive. To recover pictures deleted from flash drive accidentally. Picture Recovery Software can be used which is specially designed to recover picture from accidentally deleted pictures off a flash drive. It is capable of recover various photo formats like PNG,BMP,GIF,PSD,JPG,JPEG,CRW,CR2,RAW,3FR,DNG etc. It supports Windows and Mac operating systems and recovers photos in just a few click of the tool.

Steps to Recover Unintentionally Erased Pictures from Flash Drive

Step 1: After downloading and installation of Picture Recovery Software, launch the Main Screen of tool and choose “Recover Photos” as shown in Fig 1.

Accidentally Deleted Pictures off a Flash Drive - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: On the next Window screen select “Recover Deleted Photos” later choose the flash drives among listed drives as in Fig 2.

Accidentally Deleted Pictures off a Flash Drive - Select Drives

Fig 2: Select Drives

Step 3: Select the recovered files to restore. You can view the photo before restoring using "Preview" option as shown in Fig 3.

Accidentally Deleted Pictures off a Flash Drive - Preview

Fig 3: Preview

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